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We offer Private and Communal Cremations

• We term a cremation “Private” when your pet is individually cremated. This option allows you to choose whether or not you want to keep the ashes. If you decide not to keep the ashes we will dispose of them for you.

• We term a cremation “Communal” when we cremate your pet with others whose ashes are not wanted. We dispose of the ashes from communal cremations.

Goodbye Room
This is a special place in our facility specifically designed to give you private place to say your final goodbyes. Many of our clients have said that this was one the most memorable services we provided.

goodbye room - flowers and seating   goodbye room - seating and tissues

Riverside Pet Crematory offers a limited selection of urns for your pet’s ashes. For information on which models we currently have in stock please contact us.

urn black with silver lines
urn silver with leaves
urn bronze with leaves
urn stone white
urn ceramic with leaves
urn stone green
urn wooden box with picture slot
urn wooden house with picture slot
chain with heart - gold
chain with heart - silver

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Pick Up of Your Pet’s Body
We can pick your pet up at your veterinarian's office if it is on our client list and in our area. We can no longer offer home pickups due to workload/time constraints.